The Botanic Gardens

Wellington has fantastic botanic gardens, full of fountains and secret paths, and other children.

The beautiful weather here has made it hard to resist, and it’s so close to our new house.

The hot house, with its raised fish pond, was H’s favourite. I loved that she was quite happy to toddle about pointing at plants and people, and that there was an environment in which it was fine for her to do that. We’re not free-range parents by any stretch of the imagination, but I’d like to think we’re pretty free-reined.


Far away friends

We’ve had a very busy weekend with lovely friends from far away places who we miss very much now they’re gone, if only because it means I’m not the one behind the camera for once, and can have a picture with me AND Harriet in it together!

(Just noticed… this shot is a nice wee pulling together of this, and this, and this!)

Horrible, terrible, no good, very dreary day

At least weather-wise… so I’m just going to refresh my memory of how lovely Wellington is with these shots from last weekend:

If there are two things Wellington does well, it’s weather and amazing public art. I love the way these things are placed to make you reevaluate the physical place, and the way they are just there. There’s no sense of fanfare or ‘look at me’, but just beautiful things that fit into their surroundings, so much so that you couldn’t imagine the place without them.