Recycled dress using my favourite pattern, again. It used to be an old nighty from the Gap, but the smocking elastic went and then it was just a shapeless pile of pretty fabric. Not any more!

One of Harriet’s grandfather’s shirts, cut down into a summery tunic. Shown here with no pants, ahem, but ordinarily, I’d suggest something more. I used a great free pattern from, although it’s super hard to find on their website. I think this would work well on a boy as well… probably turned around and maybe with a collar? I’ll definitely use it again, maybe even with some fancy twists (and some pants).



Finally a smidgeon of success, with thanks to the Sallies on Taranki St and Opportunity for Animals in Kilburnie.  All lovely autumn-y things…
A linen smock for Small:

An epaulette shirt I wish would fit me, but will fit Harriet shortly:

A 100% lambswool zip up J Crew sweater for me:

$9 well spent. Or at least I think so… Harriet doesn’t get a say yet!