Summer crafting

The joys of a little girl and weather like this means I now feel inspired to make things like these:

With thanks to this tutorial.

With thanks to this tutorial.


Weekend in Christchurch (pre-quake!)

So things in Christchurch are a little interesting at the moment. Luckily, although our house was in one of the worst hit areas, it is a solid weather board ex-state house and it took the shaking with only the chimney breaking loose. The chimney took out some of the roof tiles, but on the whole, not a bad result, considering the next street over is full of porter loos and the roads are so damaged our property manager couldn’t get to the house the day of the quake.
A remarkable event to occur with so little damage to the human population.

My time in Christchurch recently was far less dramatic. In fact, this sums it up nicely:


Finished! Phew… a size five jersey. A very simple, easy knit, but I’m glad Harriet won’t be that big for a while. Pattern from here. I had a huge amount of trouble finding patterns for this style of jersey. Not sure why… it seems every little girl has one, so there must be patterns somewhere.


Knitting ballerina jersey for a friend’s daughter.

Listening to baby sing in her cot.
Enjoying the sun through the window.
Planning what books to look for in the library this afternoon.

Far away friends

We’ve had a very busy weekend with lovely friends from far away places who we miss very much now they’re gone, if only because it means I’m not the one behind the camera for once, and can have a picture with me AND Harriet in it together!

(Just noticed… this shot is a nice wee pulling together of this, and this, and this!)


H and I spent a lovely day in the kitchen yesterday. We were both very pleased with the results. I was trying out a sugar-free biscuit recipe as part of my quest to find foods that are easy to hold to give to H, and it’s hard to find things that don’t contain loads of sugar or salt. These biscuits can be found here here. Not sure they were a total hit… lovely and moist, but the banana is leaving me a bit cold. [Edited to add… I wasn’t so keen, but H was pretty into the one she had for afternoon tea on Saturday] These Apple Breakfast Bars have been far more successful and are a breakfast staple around here, just to break up the tedium of Marmite toast. Suggestions for baby friendly finger food would be much appreciated!
H loved playing with ‘real’ objects, and things that she hadn’t seen or handled (like onions!) before. Sometimes toys are overrated.

Tricky Beasts

Buttons. They can completely change the flavour of a garment, they can make of break your knitting. And it’s really hard to find good ones. They’re all plastic, and they are either old lady-ish, a rugby ball, something pink and cheap looking or faaaaar too expensive for the likes of me. Tracking down a goody is hard.

Anyway, I’ve finally finished the finishing of the cable cardigan from Drops.

My plan all along had been to go with red buttons and to sew a red and white striped ribbon up the edge where the buttons sat. But somehow I left Goldings with orange buttons instead. When I laid them out, they were great, but really orange. In the centre of each one, I’ve sewn in a white and a turquoise bead from a mini-stash my aunt sent me.

It seems to tone down the orange, without reducing its effectiveness. I’m very pleased with the result! And when Harriet finally gets to wear it (in 6 months time, it’s photograph over a size 1 year tee… I think my blocking worked), hopefully she’ll have grown out of eating small choke-able objects!

Spoon feeding at our house

Is not popular unless the baby is holding the spoon, as you can see with this Red Thai curry (!) and rice.

And custard? I can do it myself, thanks.

Oh, sorry, what did you say? I’ve got custard, where? Behind my ears… I know, I was storing it for later. In my hair… well, what do you condition with? Up my nose… I like the smell. And anyway, Mummy, there’s custard all over you as well.

New chair

Well… a new-to-me chair cos there’s no way this puppy could be mistaken for something fresh off the line.

Who knew the lovely Sallies on Taranaki St would deliver for ten smackers? Bargain. And they carried it up my two flights of stairs (weirdly) on their heads. Go them.

So after my unfortunate, but very comfy chair was delivered, I set to work. Four meters of piping and some creative pinning later, I discovered that I was not very good at this. I kept at it though, I’d already hacked into my lovely 5 meter length of ticking and there was no way through this, but to sew it up. Some of it made it to the machine, but a lot of it was hand sewn.

I intended on loosely basting it together then running the seams under the machine, but I found hand stitching oddly absorbing and compulsive and my stitches got smaller and smaller until finally the machine was quite redundant. It took forever though, and I found out why thimbles were invented, not that I have any, but I bear the scars.

It was worth it though. Final result… something I can let the baby touch!