H and I spent a lovely day in the kitchen yesterday. We were both very pleased with the results. I was trying out a sugar-free biscuit recipe as part of my quest to find foods that are easy to hold to give to H, and it’s hard to find things that don’t contain loads of sugar or salt. These biscuits can be found here here. Not sure they were a total hit… lovely and moist, but the banana is leaving me a bit cold. [Edited to add… I wasn’t so keen, but H was pretty into the one she had for afternoon tea on Saturday] These Apple Breakfast Bars have been far more successful and are a breakfast staple around here, just to break up the tedium of Marmite toast. Suggestions for baby friendly finger food would be much appreciated!
H loved playing with ‘real’ objects, and things that she hadn’t seen or handled (like onions!) before. Sometimes toys are overrated.


3 thoughts on “Baking

  1. The only thing I know of for babies are Farex and rusks. After that I’m stumped. But Wgtn library has great books for feeding baies/toddlers etc. Their food section at the central branch is really huge in general.

    • I’ve never managed to get past the cafe. We go to the children’s section, then general fiction, then coffee, and we’ve never made it any higher! Will have to make the effort next time.

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