Baby Led Weaning

So in our house, this is really the truth. I am doing no leading. Harriet is in almost total control here, and it’s a wee bit frightening for the precedent alone. Harriet was so keen to start the eating process, she has been grabbing food out of my hands, and way too often it was of the chocolate variety. I did my reading and we started solids. I mashed and pureed, Harriet spat out and clamped her jaw shut. Then she reached for whatever I was eating.
She wouldn’t eat baby rice. She wouldn’t eat pureed apple. She wouldn’t eat pureed pear. She would eat rusks… and she kept grabbing food out of my hands. So I gave in, and now am really pleased I hadn’t bought a stick whiz!
Things she will eat so far: apples (I give her a whole apple with a bite out of it and she just sucks it), rice crackers, broccoli, courgette, cauliflower, toast (with jam or Marmite), carrot, kumara and pumpkin.
And although I haven’t had to buy a stick whiz or a mouli, I have invested in long sleeved bibs, and huge plastic floor mat, wipe clean placemats and Gill Rapley’s book.

It’s really interesting to watch her eat. Instead of just opening and closing her mouth for a spoon, she really investigates her food. She pokes holes on the courgette, pincer grips bits of cracker, squeezes broccoli to let the water run out and mashes the pumpkin everywhere!


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