Ahhhh… sweet internet-y goodness.

After a week without the internet, I wonder how we did it before. I didn’t think I was that dependent on it, but when the line suddenly failed, I had panicky calls from relatives, I couldn’t do the groceries (yes, I do that online, it’s awesome, and someone else carries it all up my stairs), I couldn’t check my diary, and worst of all… I couldn’t google the weird things Harriet was doing to see if they were normal. So we’ve been a hungry, disorganised, strangely behaved family; or more so than usual.

Strange rainy day today, very soft and grey outside, and all the tin roofs look right at home in the clouds. It’s one of many wet days recently and there’s been a lot of knitting to keep my fingers warm.

I’ve been cabling like mad and finished about a third of this Drops Pattern, which is a huge relief because now I’m into the easier knitting and don’t have to keep back tracking to fix my mistakes.

Also, I’ve had my hair cut, and the new flapper-meets-street-urchin look is calling for headbands. Taking my inspiration from here, I’ve come up with something that suits me, and the weather.

Bring on the rain, Wellington.


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