Not my day knitting-wise today… This vest from Drops is the largest project I’ve tried, and although I’m a pretty competent knitter, I’m pretty terrible at reading charted knitting patterns. I much prefer words, which may be why/because I was an English teacher. If a patten says ‘slip two stitches onto a needle behind the piece, then…’, I am far more likely to not spend my afternoon frogging my knitting. There’s nothing more demoralising when you’re using 3 ply.

But.. what do you think of the colours? The slate-ly navy for a vest and the moss green (it’s less lime in real life) for the hat/scarf combo. I had originally thought the other way round, but thought Harriet might become Friar Tuck if I put her in a Band of Merry Men style jerkin.
Also not my day for mail…

The baby got it. And then the whole thing was too cute to stop… so I grabbed the camera instead. Hoping the letter from the bank was a statement, and nothing important, ‘cos it’s just one slobbery mass now.
I am pleased to report though, there is now only half a sleeve left to do on my burgundy jersey, and I’ve found some awesome ribbon for the closure in Magnolia on College St. Getting quite excited about my idea, but clearly not excited enough to finish the damn thing!


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