Finally a smidgeon of success, with thanks to the Sallies on Taranki St and Opportunity for Animals in Kilburnie.  All lovely autumn-y things…
A linen smock for Small:

An epaulette shirt I wish would fit me, but will fit Harriet shortly:

A 100% lambswool zip up J Crew sweater for me:

$9 well spent. Or at least I think so… Harriet doesn’t get a say yet!


6 thoughts on “Op-shop-portunity

  1. Ohhh I didn’t even think of the Sallies on Taranaki St. I haven’t stopped off there in years. Whats the Opportunities for Animals one like? I go to the Mary Potter Hospice shop in Kilbirnie but never been in there.

  2. Opps for animals was… odd… but in a good way. I stood yelling “hullo?” for about 5 minutes before anyone came to collect my money, but other than that, it was jumbly, old, a bit junky and reasonably priced, which is how I like my op shops. A direct contrast to the Red Cross shop in Kilburnie! Both only really have clothes and shoes though.

  3. I went to Opps for animals today for the first time. I’ve always avoided it thinking it was small. What a surprise I got! Plus one of the volunteers was a man in full drag, long wig and raging red lippy. Oh my. But yep that is how an op shop should be.

  4. It was good. I found a length of denimy material (I don’t think real denim is that shiny) and two newborn prefold nappies for the baby stash. The real trick will be if it produces anything worthwhile on a next trip which I doubt.

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