Clap your hands…

…if you believe in fairies, or if you’ve just become exceedingly hooked on making them, even though your daughter won’t be able to play with them for another bazillion years because you’ve used seed beads and she could swallow them. Phew… long sentence!
These things are fun to make. They are surprisingly quick to put together and very rewarding, especially when your pile of half finished knitting seems to be getting bigger (not in the ‘finished’ way, in the ‘starting more’ way).
I only bought four bead though as I wasn’t sure whether these would work out. I’m onto my last fairy, Autumn, who might be my favourite.

There are a couple of places where I’m deviating from Salley Mavor’s instructions. It’s heap easier to get the petals onto the bodies if you slide them down the tops of the pipe cleaners after you’ve wrapped the legs, but before you fold or wrap the arms. This means you don’t have to cut such a big hole (and the petals stay up better), and you don’t have to struggle to get them over the hips. I’m also not wrapping the legs and arms as far as she suggests. The arms are hidden by the sleeves, and the tops of the legs are hidden as I’m putting a few stitches at the top of the petals to hold them together. This also means they won’t be pulled off by little hands. Not 5 month old hands, of course, the little hands Harriet will have in a bazillion years that won’t be tempted to put small pieces in her mouth!


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