Granty love

Ever since Harriet’s granty (great-aunty) sent me this book last week, I’ve been dying to get stuck in.

We live in a very small apartment with no outdoors, but it is really important to me that Harriet has a sense for nature as she grows up. I love the idea of a nature table (maybe like this), and I have a vision of a series of seasonal dolls to match.

The only problem was that when we moved several months ago, I cleared everything out in the name of economy. Now I’m in Wellington, and the op-shopping here is a very different thing to Christchurch, and my supply of old woollen jumpers in down south in a charity bin, I’m having to start again. As fun as stash building is, it does mean no just getting stuck in for me. A number of supply expeditions occurred, a few in the rain with Harriet in a sling. I’m still waiting for silk flowers but by today I had enough to be able to start making seasonal fairies. I started with Winter, for obvious reasons if you live in the Southern Hemisphere.

But I’ve been thinking about the colour schemes for Spring, Summer and Autumn, and while I wait for my silk flowers to arrive for the skirts and wings of the winter fairy, I might make a start on the others.

As an aside, I can’t do the faces like Salley Mavor suggests as the only beads I can find are varnished, and the paint wouldn’t stick. what do you think about leaving the face blank, or may just eyes with a fine tipped marker pen?


One thought on “Granty love

  1. hi laura, I love the idea of seasonal fairies and I think just two dots for eyes is preferable to slly mavor’s faces…you can then imagine the face yourself….try positioning them in pencil first because placement would be critical I think…love from granty

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