Finished Harriet’s cardigan in Rowan wool. I only have to sew it up now. Spent the last half of the knitting in a state of panic that I didn’t have enough wool and was desperately formulating plans about how to compensate. By the time, I had a reasonable idea of how to fix it, I’d finished, with a tiny nub-let of wool leftover, just enough to sew up the seams.

The leather skirt spent several days in baking soda and scrunched newspaper, but wasn’t making progress fast enough for me. (Favourite line from …ahem… Buffy… “I was being patient, but it took too long.”) Out it came and I carefully lathered it with Dove moisturising soap without getting it too wet, as recommended on Wikihow. Impatience kicked in again, and long story short, it is now drip drying on the towel rail and my house smells like wet smokey dogs. However, I did make and cut a pattern for the boots on Saturday. Details to come, once the leather’s dried…


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