Soft soled cowboy boots for the baby

How rockin’ would that be? Seeing as Harriet has a horse-mad cow-girl of a grandmother, I figured that these would totally be the way to go.
However… we’re broke, and I’m feeling crafty, and why make it easy on myself? So I thought, I can totally make those. I’ve made fabric shoes for the baby, these are just the next step up. So, as I do whenever beginning a project, I headed to Trademe. I bought leather sewing needles for me trusty ole Bernina and this skirt:

The skirt is beautiful soft leather in great condition. So much so I had to make the first cut the moment arrived so I wouldn’t be tempted to keep it …but… it stinks. This skirt has the fumes of half a million cigarettes stuck to it.

This is what the skirt looks like now (instead of the beautiful boots I had envisioned…sob):

Minus the lining, zip and waist in a great big bag of baking soda. Not sure it will work… any bright ideas?


5 thoughts on “Soft soled cowboy boots for the baby

  1. Oh no! Cigarette smoke is the WORST to remove. I’ve heard kitty liter works though it didn’t for me. My suggestion would be to scour op shops for leather skirts/jackets. For some things you just gotta try before you buy.
    Keep refreshing the baking soda regularly. And try google, it can bring up ideas you never thought of. I have heard of using screwed up newspaper. Ask on the TM forums too.

  2. Nothing in the central city sadly. The Sallies in Newtown is pretty big (but the Sallies can be bloody expensive), Johnsonville is a train ride away from the city and it has 2 good op shops. Worth the train fare for sure. Or Tawa has two as well, the Mary Potter Hospice there is my big fave. There’s a couple in Miramar but I haven’t been to them. My best tip would be a trip out to Jville. The Sallies can be really good and the Vinnies Shop has hidden treasures. Oh now I have to make a trip in that way one day.

    • Central Wellington is rough after the giddy days op-shop filled days of living in Christchurch. The shops that lovestitches mentioned are kind of all the reasonably priced places that there are to my knowledge too. I just ended up torturing myself for two years relentlessly wandering into Hunters and Collectors and Ziggurat.

      • Yeah, I’m currently to scared to go to either of those places in case the baby dribbles/vomits/worse on anything, and I’ll have to pay for it. Am now just left with the Sallies Family store on Taranaki. Nothing good yet…

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