Harriet, the small person, is fascinated by other people’s toys. On a weekend away recently, she was transfixed by a play gym with flashing lights and electronic music. She was also completely absorbed by the television. We don’t have either of these things at home, because my theory goes that if there are too many electronic parts, the toy does the playing, not the kid.

Harriet with one of my first toys

I started out with the idea that I didn’t want plastic toys, but that was really hard to stick to. I do really love the wooden toys that we’ve been given. This is one of my favourites, and even though she’s way too small to use it the way it was intended, Harriet seems to like it too:

Vintage pull along toy

I want her to be a little girl who is imaginative and creative, and I think it starts now. The more her toys have one specific purpose, and a million functions that don’t involve her past pushing the first button, the less she will be able to imagine them as something else.I think the perfect toy is something like this that can be a trolley, a pram, a car, a grocery cart, a lawnmover… whatever she likes.
I’m hoping it’s just the novelty of other people’s toys that make them so interesting for her!


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