Brown paper packages

The postman has been good to me. Two packages in the mailbox, both containing something crafty.

First, from my mother in law. We had talked about making a dress like this:And I had shown her some beautiful images of Shaker style embroidery of red on white, we’re thinking cross-stitch here. Counted cross stitch of the most basic kind.

But in the mail, this arrived:‘This’ is a bunch of red cottons and a picture of a top designed by the small person’s great-aunt, Susan Scarf. Now, I’m thinking I want one like this! Am slightly worried about the ambitiousness of the embroidery… especially as I will be making it up as I go along.

And yesterday, my aunt sent me the much wanted pattern to make one of these:

As a child, my mum had made a whole lot of these tiny bears (the ones above, in fact) and then lost the pattern. I’ve wanted to make one for the small person, particularly as she seems to like them, but they’re a bit old and fragile to like her back.I have some felt in my craft boxes, so I’ll try to whip one up in the next day of so. They come in two sizes… the tiny ones above and one more suited to the small person’s fists. Maybe I’ll try a tutorial if anyone’s interested.


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