The sling

It worked!

I’ve been loving my Baby Bjorn, but at the same time, it feels like I need something else. As a chronic collector, I’m skilled with ways and means to justify my purchases, and having a carrier that turned into a back carrier made sense. However, during my web based research, I found a lot of tutorials to make my own. Suddenly the chase was no longer about buying the right carrier (which, as we have entered our year of poverty with the other half’s new job, I couldn’t have afforded anyway), and become about the creation of a new sling.

Anyway, it worked. It worked brilliantly. Much better, in fact, than the Bjorn, which is now hanging forlornly in the hall cupboard. I’m convinced the small person is more comfortable in my carrier; her legs don’t do the dangle they used to in the Bjorn.

Thank you to the wonderful women who made the tutorials below. I used a combination of them, and adapted things to suit myself and the fabric, but seriously, check these out. Very helpful.


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