Knitting on the go…

The slow go, because although I thought I had far too much time on my hands, it turns out I was wrong. But, the small person is getting ever bigger, and unless I want her to overtake my projects, I’ll have to get a move on. Most of it’s knitting at the moment, being winter, or the beginnings of, down here in the Southern Hemisphere. Terrified that the small person will freeze, I have several things to make:

Cleckheaton No. 951 Cocoon

A jersey in burgundy merino for 9months. From my favourite knitting book for smalls. The patterns are easy, timeless and modern and the y fit the small one really well. Plus the ribs are useful as they extend the size either way. Bet she’ll be wearing it the instant I’ve finished, instead of 5 months time.

And a pink cardigan. Before the small person was born, and we weren’t sure what she would be, I stocked up on sensible colours like the burgundy above, and a forest green,  to suit a boy or girl. Now that she’s here, and she’s a she, it’s nice to splurge on something just for her. So this is the most expensive wool I’ve ever bought (Rowan, whereas I ordinarily go with ‘on sale’), but hoping for good results. It’s not a pure wool, which is unusual for me, but I think this will be more versatile in layers. The wrap top pattern I photocopied out of a library book and pasted into my pattern collection, but never wrote down the reference. My apologies to the anonymous author… I love your patterns.

Obviously not started yet, but thus the hurry! I only bought enough wool for the 6-12 month size and the small person is exactly 4 months today. Better get those needles clacking.

So, mothering and crafting at once…

Knitting with babe

Practising sitting and knitting together.

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